Fans welcomed home the Red Raiders from the Final Four Tuesday afternoon on the Texas Tech campus, complete with a roaring "Raider Power!" chant.

With a hoarse voice, Coach Chris Beard thanked fans for the overwhelming support received throughout the season, including what he described as the best home court advantage in the nation. He also thanked fans for traveling all around the nation to cheer for the Red Raiders. 

"We win with class and last night we ran out of time with class," Beard said. 

To the students at the USA Tuesday, Beard joked "you guys happy because of the season or because you got two days off of school?".

On the 4:1 mantra, of four parts mental to one part physical, Beard explained it's not just something on a t-shirt or wrist band for the players. "It's who these guys are."

Beard invited Matt Mooney, Brandone Francis, Tariq Owens, and Norense Odiase to join him on stage. He said they were the best group of seniors he has ever coached. 

Odiase spoke to the crowd, thanking the fans, his coaches, and his team. 

"I went through a tough time with my family passing and you guys were the only ones I leaned on," Odiase said to his teammates. 

Although, the ride may be officially over, Beard said the work to get back to that championship floor starts now.