Neighbors said they were distraught waking up to a home erupting in flames in North Lubbock. Crews were on the scene of a 2-alarm fire at 117 E Stanford. This is just east of the interstate and north of the Loop 289 frontage road.

One neighbor described waking up to what sounded like firecrackers. Once outside, she saw the homeowner near the street. Moments later, she said he went back towards the front door. Then she said, the home combusted. 

"Upon making the entry along to the back to check on it, they did find a victim in the back right now we can confirm that we have one deceased individual," Kevin Ivy with LFR said. 

Jerry Manley knew the victim for several years. He said everyone wanted to help rescue him, but the fire was just too dangerous.

"By that time, the house is gone," Manley said.  "It's too late, nobody could help him, not even the fireman." 

Another neighbor, Chris Caudillo said he heard what seemed to be ammunition going off. 

"Everyone came out at the same time, everybody heard it, hollering," Caudillo said. "The bullets, when it started going off, everybody went inside trying to hide a little bit." 

Caudillo said this is a close-knit community and he is shaken by what he believes is a deadly explosion.

"We've known him for a long time, we're going to miss him, we're going to miss him," Caudillo said.

The home is now demolished, leaving flattened rubble and the industrial equipment that did the work. The cause of the victim's death and what sparked the fire is still unknown. The medical examiner will perform an autopsy over the next couple of days.