Malakai Johnson has Poland and Moebius syndrome, along with Bell's palsy and dextrocardia. He is missing most of the right side of his body, blind in his left eye and near sighted in his right. On top of all that, his right arm is underdeveloped. 

"Insurance didn't consider it a need for him. In order to get a prosthetic for him it would have cost 100,000 dollars," Malakai's mother said. "Unfortunately that's not something as a single mother that I could do by myself."

Upon learning of his condition, innovators at Texas Tech volunteered to help. Teja Pati has built 3-D prosthetics before, so building one for Malakai wasn't hard. 

"They reached out to us and we brought them in. We determined whether or not he was a good fit for this device. Because he was, we were able to scan him in. We have a template that we can customize to fit his individual needs," Pati said. 

Malakai said he's excited about getting to play sports and video games easier. Pati says Malakai will need a new hand once every 9-12 months. Texas Tech's goal is to provide him with the appropriate prosthetics for the rest of his life.