Each day in the U.S., there are an average of over 3,041 suicide attempts by people grades 9-12.

Humanitarian Alex Sheen founded because I said I would. The social movement focuses on teaching teens how to overcome challenges through character education.

"They have to learn how to get through it themselves, and that's unfortunate, but also a part of life. and we're trying to give them those skills to do that," he said. 

Lubbock Cooper ISD brings to light these issues students face with the youth summit. 19 years ago, a group of students at Lamesa High School created the idea of a youth summit to openly discuss issues teens currently face, and how they can conquer them. 

"High school students from several different schools around the region actually sit on a student advisory committee, and they identify who they want for key note speaker, and what breakout session they would like based on what their peers are going through at that time," Sarah Allen, Lubbock Cooper Family Consumer Sciences teacher, said.

Lubbock Cooper senior Katy Fairbanks participated in the summit for the first time. She said hearing Sheen's story was inspiring. 

"I feel like it's swept under the rug a lot. nobody really wants to talk about this kind of stuff. and it's really cool that some people will actually reach out and come out to help you and participate in something like this," Fairbanks said.

Aside from speaking engagements, Sheen recently released his first book encompassing what he shares with students across the country. 

"There's a range of what promises mean to people and it can teach us a lot. that's what i hope to include in this book and what we're sharing with the world," Sheen said.