Angel Hernandez, 35, was convicted of Assault of a Public Servant after he fought an officer while getting arrested in March of 2018.

During Thursday's testimony, prosecutors showed photographs of Hernandez and the officer's injuries. An investigator testified that it was unusual for Hernandez to have such "fear energy" for so long.

Back in March of 2018, the officer stopped Hernandez near 89th Street and Vicksburg Avenue because the lights on his bicycle were out. When the officer called in Hernandez's information, dispatch informed him the suspect had a couple warrants out, including one for a felony.

When the officer tried to arrest Hernandez, investigators say he ran, jumping several fences and crossing streets. The officer caught up and used his Taser. Hernandez reportedly continued to resist.

During the struggle, according to the police report, Hernandez got control of the Taser and shocked the officer, then bit him several times.

The officer then pointed his Glock pistol at Hernandez and beat him with his service baton. The officer says with the help of a homeowner and backup officers, Hernandez was then taken into custody.

Hernandez was charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, evading arrest, trying to take the officer's weapon, and the two outstanding warrants.