Plans for eventually moving Lubbock Police headquarters to a new location is about to get underway. The current building is outdated and in need of extensive repairs. Architects have briefed LPD staff on the process they'll use to develop designs for the department's future home.

The current City Hall building would be converted into a new police headquarters once City Hall is moved into the renovated Citizens Tower, formerly known as the Omni Office Building. The Citizens Tower project is currently in the preliminary design phase. Lieutenant Ray Mendoza says architects plan to start the design phase to remodel City Hall to be the police station with suggestions from department personnel. 

"They're going to ask anybody who's involved in the process, all the division commanders and so forth, to have input and so once we get that to them as quickly as possible then they'll be able to come back and give us some feedback on how this is going to work out," Mendoza said.

All these projects are expected to take several years to complete.