Texas Tech administrators are investigating changes made to the grade transcripts of several students in the business college. Provost Lawrence Schovanec is taking action to examine the accusations. A professor in the Rawls College of Business claimed that university procedures were not followed when grades were changed for four graduate students. 

Doctor William Conover, a Horn Professor who teaches statistics, said final course grades for four graduate students were raised significantly by Dean Lance Nail without his knowledge. These grade changes, all raised by at least two letter grades, allowed three of the students to graduate in May with their MBA's.  

Tech's procedure for student grade appeal requires students to first approach the professor about a grade change and these students reportedly complied with that procedure. If that doesn't resolve the issue students must contact the chairperson of the department and then an appeal can be made to the dean. According to policy the dean must request information in writing from the instructor then present it and the student's appeal to the college grade appeals board. Graduate students' appeals are processed through the school administering the course with the grade decision being forwarded to the dean of the graduate school for final disposition.

The dean makes the final decision about the appeal taking the appeals board's recommendation into account. All parties according to policy must be notified of the final decision. That decision may be appealed to the provost by either the student or instructor but only on the basis that due process has not been followed.  

Provost Schovanec is creating a committee to investigate whether the process was followed. Schovanec said in a statement via email, "Guided by university operating policy, we have initiated a review of these grade changes."  

We reached out to Faculty Senate President Michael Farmer for a comment he chose not to discuss the matter until, "due process had made a decision."

To read more about Tech's grade appeal policy you can go to the website here