The Lubbock County Grand Jury indicted a suspect accused of killing a teenager. 

Jose Simental, 20, has been charged with the murder of Mark Ysasaga, 15, who was reported missing in June 2012. 

According to the arrest warrant, LPD investigators searched a home where Simental was living on 27th Street near Flint Avenue in July 2012. The landlord said new carpet and padding had been installed. A detective noticed something was smeared or cleaned on the hardwood floor. 

In March, other clues led investigators back to that home. According to the warrant, blood was found on the underside of the floorboards. Forensic investigators confirmed it was Ysasaga's blood in April. 

In May, police announced Simental was a suspect in the murder. He was extradited to Lubbock from Brazoria County where he was in prison for a home burglary conviction. 

Police say an anonymous Crime Line tip led them to Ysasaga's body on the southern outskirts of Lubbock in June.