Texas Tech is now home to a collection of original, early copy and first-edition historic documents, from a 1350 edition of the Magna Carta to a 1776 copy of the Declaration of Independence.

The collection, known as The Remnant Trust, features more than 1,300 works, some of which date back to 2200 BC.

The semi-permanent exhibit is unique, as students and faculty can get their hands on the documents.

Director Peggy Miller says Tech is the perfect place to host the exhibit.

"Texas Tech has all of things that a fine historic collection would need," Miller said. "We have archivists, we have storage that's correct, we have the vaults to protect it, and the staffing."

Most of the documents are housed at the Southwest Collections Special Collections Library. A select few are on display at the Museum of Texas Tech, to be rotated on a yearly basis.