County Commissioners are devising a plan to fix potholes and other weather-related damage to Lubbock County roadways.

Due to heavy rain and winter snows, several roads are bent out of shape. 
Commissioner Bill McCay said the county is working on it, and urges residents to have patience. Commissioner Patti Jones said the problem stems from limited resources, not a lack of effort.

"We have a budget just like a home does or a business does and we've got just a limited amount of manpower and a limited amount of equipment. We still got a number of roads out in precinct four in the Shallowater area community in that direction that are still under water and this is from the May 28 flooding that they had in Shallowater. We really are trying to do the best we know how to do," Commissioner Jones said.

Repairs will be made to the most critical roadways first as commissioners and their work crews work their way down the list.

County Judge Tom Head signed a Disaster Declaration for the flooding in late May.

It's the first step in the process requesting state and federal assistance. 
Emergency Management Coordinator Clinton Thetford, said damage to county roads totals $2.2 million.  He said more than 85 homes also have flood damage.  Now the county is waiting to hear back from FEMA.

"They can approve us for individual assistance which is for property owners of the general public, business owners and then they can approve us for public assistance which is our infrastructure, our roads and things like that," Thetford said.

"We have folks that aren't able to get home at night because of the rains that we've had and we're working as hard as we can to get folks to and from their homes on these county roads," Commissioner Bill McCay said.

Commissioners are also waiting to hear from the state in order to determine the next step.