I feel weird to be typing up a Bio on myself but I understand why. So if you’re reading this, Thanks! 
I began my radio career back in 1991 at KTXT on Texas Tech Campus, so I've been around the business for awhile. 
Now let me tell you how I fell in love with Radio… I was one of those kids that listened to radio 24-7, like in my sleep, while doing homework… which probably explains my poor study habits back in college, so I’m a product of 80’s! And when we finally got MTV in our house, well let’s just say my life revolved around it, again probably explains my poor study habits in college, LOL! I've got your favorite hits from the 80s, 90s and now from ten to Noon... and then the Awesome 80's Lunch at Noon! So spray on some Aqua Net, jump into your Parachute pants, slip on your Vans and help me BRING back the 80’s, well at least for an hour! Weekdays at Noon~ Awesome 80’s Lunch!!