Reggie Pearson

With Texas Tech Football about a month away from kicking off the season, Chois Woodman has offered up five predictions for the Red Raiders that he believes will come true in 2022.  

 1. The Red Raiders will not finish in 9th place in the Big 12. 

Texas Tech has been tabbed as the team that will finish in ninth place in the conference according to the preseason media poll. While there are a lot of uncertainties for the Red Raiders heading into 2022, this team has too much talent and potential to be hanging at the very bottom with Kansas. Last year was close though. Tech finished in a three-way tie for seventh place with TCU and Texas, however, the Red Raiders made a bowl game and the other two did not. 

2. One TTU quarterback will start in all 12 games. 

This one may seem a little far-fetched, but it almost feels like the Red Raiders are due for a stroke of good luck at the QB position. The last time Tech had one signal-caller behind center for all 12 regular season games was some guy named Patrick Mahomes back in 2016 and the year before in 2015. It should be expected to see multiple quarterbacks taking meaningful snaps - Coach McGuire has said this. Regardless, if Tech can stay healthy at the most important position on the field then any of the three QBs should be able to provide consistency. 

3. Texas Tech will haul in at least 12 interceptions this season. 

Positive turnover margins are usually an indicator of a good team. The Red Raiders have one of the best collective secondaries we’ve seen in Lubbock in quite some time. Rayshad Williams, Reggie Pearson, Muddy Waters and Dadrion Taylor-Demerson will be quite a lot for opposing quarterbacks to deal with. And 12 is not too large of a number. Tech finished with 10 INTs last season, and had 14 picks in 2019. The one thing that this stat will hinge on the most is the pass rush. The expectation for a big, breakout season for Tyree Wilson is a large factor in this prediction. 

4. There will be multiple Red Raiders selected to the postseason All-Big 12 First Team. 

You might think that this would not be too difficult of a feat to accomplish - just need to have two spots out of a possible 26, right? Tech had a whopping total of ZERO players selected to the preseason list. There was one obvious snub on the list with senior punter Austin McNamara not getting the nod for the preseason award, but not really any other glaring omissions. McNamara can be expected to take one of the two spots on the All-Conference team, but who would take the other. There are several candidates. Any of the aforementioned defensive backs, Tyree Wilson, Jaylon Hutchings, Tony Bradford, and that’s just on the defense! Myles Price, Baylor Cupp OR Mason Tharp, either of the two running backs and couple of offensive lineman could be in the mix for the postseason honors. The potential on this team is enormous, but that potential obviously has to be recognized. 

5. Texas Tech will have its highest offensive output since Patrick Mahomes was in Lubbock.

Last season with 5,412 total yards, the Red Raiders had their lowest offensive output in 20 years (COVID-shortened season excluded). The offense has been trending in the wrong direction since Mahomes was doing miraculous things on the gridiron at Jones stadium, yet still losing games where his team scored 40 to 50 points. With Lubbock son Zach Kittley coming back home as arguably the hottest young name in college football, the expectations are really high for what we could see in 2022. Tech would have to eclipse 6,170 yards of offense for this prediction to come true, but that should be very achievable when you pair some of the offensive potential this team has with the outrageous numbers Coach Kittley’s offenses have boasted in the last couple of seasons. 

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