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Bob Lacey is the long suffering partner of Sheri Lynch on the syndicated Bob and Sheri, heard in forty plus markets in the U.S., and in Europe and Asia on Armed Forces Network. Bob began to lose all sense of good judgment when he voluntarily left a cushy job as a reporter for the lifestyle TV show PM Magazine, where he traveled throughout America, Europe and often the South Pacific, interviewing swimsuit models, yacht designers, champion surfers, and celebrities. The end of day would find him chatting up locals in the hotel bar, all on the company dime! In what his friends would call "His Bonehead Award Moment." Bob gave that all up to return to the In trenches of morning radio, with a woman who points out his so-called "weaknesses" at every given opportunity. Additionally, he has to hear about her children, husband, and cats, more than any man should be asked to endure. Dick Cheney was quoted as saying, “That is too much to do to any man...” Lacey's only excuse was "I have a wife and kids."

Sheri Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster who fully expects to panic and be eaten first in the coming Zombie Apocalypse. A Philly native who was raised in a remote corner of northwestern Wyoming, you's think she'd have a little more game when it comes to the undead. Especially since she's carved out a unique career in the radio business, co-hosting the syndicated Bob & Sheri show, heard in 40-plus markets in the U.S. and around the world on the Armed Forces Radio Network. Sheri is also the author of two best-selling books and has a Master's degree in social work. She puts the degree to use all day long, both in the studio and at home where she and her husband Kevin lay claim to 8 or 9 kids, a small herd of dogs, and an entire battalion of cats.