West Texas Organizing Strategy and Network of Texas IAF organizations held a virtual meeting on Thursday, calling on government officials to distribute federal coronavirus relief aid to families.

Under the C.F.R., cities with fewer than 500,000 people in Texas are eligible to receive up to $55 for each person in that government system.

Gov. Abbott says the money is being used to fund things the city of Lubbock needs.

"What we're going through right now in Lubbock, for example, is an acceleration of the spread of COVID-19, leading to an acceleration for the need for the state and local governments to spend CARES act funding for all those medical personnel... that are surging to this region, it requires money," Governor Abbott said.

Maria Garcia with Lubbock W.T.S.O. says Lubbock needs relief funding sooner rather than later.

"Here in Lubbock our cases keep rising while our hospitals have already been at capacity and we have been waiting for months to receive our coronavirus relief funds as our economy struggles and we continue to lose lives,"  she said. 

Eli Barrish, with Texas Housers, says the money that should be used for food and housing security is being withheld from people who need it.

"This money belongs to the people of Texas and is being withheld. According to census data, upwards of 1 million adults in Texas are now facing housing insecurity. We could see a flood of evictions which would only accelerate the spread of the virus. State and local officials can prevent this if they act now and spend CARES act resources to expand access to rental assistance across the state," Barrish added.

Lubbock has qualified for more than $14 million, but has only received the initial 20% allocation in spite of applying for reimbursement for the full amount it is eligible for.