Pulmonologist from oregon helping out at Covenant Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused doctors and medical staff to shift plans and help patients across the nation. For Dr. Jason Wells, a pulmonologist from Oregon, the pandemic brought him to Lubbock where cases continue to hit record highs.

“When I heard what the team was struggling through at this point, it was something in my mind that I thought that if I was in that same situation, I would hope people to come help us out as well,” said Dr. Wells.

He is here for just a week, but he knows it will be a very busy one. Although he says he will miss family over the Thanksgiving holiday, he says he's looking forward to taking any skills he's learned here, in how Covenant Health is battling the virus.

"Something we can always benefit from is seeing the different styles, different setups, hopefully I can take something back as far as how people are dealing with it."

Dr. Brian Schroeder, the Chief Medical Officer at Covenant Health, says he's grateful for Dr. Wells and all the imported staff.

“Without them, we would be in dire straits. Without them, we would have a major staffing shortage,” said Dr. Schroeder.

Dr. Schroeder says the doctors and medical staff are doing tough tasks for long hours.

“Sometimes that includes doing procedures such as intubating, [which is] somebody putting a breathing tube in their mouth down into their breathing tube. For others, it might mean starting a large IV in the neck or a chest tube, which is a tube to help drain the fluid between the lung and the chest wall. And any other number of procedures. It means talking to the family talking to the patient, communicating with the rest of the care team.”

In the past seven days the Lubbock has added an average of more than 400 new COVID-19 cases a day.