Governor Abbott appoints Keith Thompson to Manufactured Housing Board

Texas has never vaccinated so many people so quickly in all of state history, that's how Governor Abbot explains the state's COVID-19 vaccination rollout so far. 

Monday the governor toured the mass COVID-19 vaccination site at the Arlington Expo Center and gave an update on where the state stand in its vaccination effort. 

"The way that everybody receiving the vaccination talked about it, they said they had never seen an operation run so effectively, so smoothly, so swiftly, and so easily," he said. 

In three and a half weeks, the governor says the state has distributed more than 1.5 million doses. Of those, 802,507 have been administered to Texans as of Monday. 

The governor also explained why there is a discrepancy between the number of doses distributed and the number of doses administered. This is due to a two-day delay lag time in reporting from the time someone is given a dose to the time it takes information to be registered in the state's system. 

He says the state will be able to get shots into arms quicker with the opening of 28 more large-scale hubs, like the site in Arlington, capable of vaccinating thousands of people per day. 

"We have the structure to vaccinate Texans very swiftly. this structure that we now have created can be expanded and will be expanded very swiftly across the state," Gov. Abbott said.

Each week of January, Abbott says the state is expected to receive 310,000 first doses and up to 500,000 second doses. The only limitation, he says, is supply. That will depend on the federal government.