Red Kettle Campaign fails to reach goal by $80k

The Salvation Army of Lubbock smashed its Red Kettle Campaign goal with some 2020 adjustments.

Many red kettles that most years are accompanied by cheery bell ringers stood alone in 2020, but they didn't stand empty. 

"We did very very well considering everything that occurred. Right around $230,000 was our take for the entire season," Major David Worthy said. 

The Salvation Army donations represent something that became a theme in the year of covid-closures, sacrificing one's own comfort to help others. 

"The Red Kettle Campaign is a partnership between the Salvation Army and the community," Major Worthy said. "Without the community support, we can't raise those funds and we can't provide those services so we're grateful for this community and how they've come to our aid once again."

This holiday season's adapted campaign ran from Nov. 9 through Christmas Eve. Major Worthy said it used a lot less people this year to pull it off safely. 

"We had to incorporate measures like disinfecting all of our equipment and our kettles every day or after every use," he said.

The Salvation Army staff and volunteers were all on board. 

"We've all gone through this pandemic together so yeah, everybody got on board fairly quickly," Major Worthy said. 

As for their message to donors on the South Plains Major Worthy said the community has a long history of digging deep. 

"This year, more than ever, we needed it because of the additional services and program we're providing," he said. "So, the Salvation Army just wants to extend a grand thank you to our community for again digging deep and coming to our assistance." 

While the 2020 campaign is over, donations can still be given online at