Bigham's new location

The pandemic has forced many Lubbock restaurants to close their doors.

For Bigham's Smokehouse, there was uncertainty months ago. But now, it's adding a new location.

The owner, Nick Bigham, says adjustments had to be made to survive the pandemic.

He says getting quality, local barbecue out to customers in an efficient manner, with the help of the drive-thru, kept them alive and slowly growing.

"When Covid started, it was very difficult. It was scary. We scaled back a little bit on staff because we didn't know what was going to happen. And our drive-thru has been our saving grace," Bigham said.

He says using delivery services, like DoorDash and Favor, curbed some of the losses from the lack of catering orders.

Bigham says the push for buying local during the pandemic also kept them from going under.

"We weren't going to go down without a fight and thankfully Lubbock, the people in Lubbock, really came through for us and there was a lot of new customers," Bigham said.

Bigham says the new location on Milwaukee will hopefully open in March and will also place a large focus on drive-thru service.

"We're also going to have curbside pick-up, delivery, all the same, all the stuff to make you get in and out and have dinner on the table before six," Bigham added.

Bigham says the new building will still have the barbecue joint feel to it, with murals on the inside walls and as you go through the drive-thru.

He says this opening is a make-or-break moment.

"If it goes well, which I hope it is, that's when we can kind of pour into these other two locations that have been here for so long and kind of transition them to the drive-thru model," Bigham said.

Bigham says one of the main reasons for purchasing this building was to have a presence on the west side of the city.

While he says he's thankful for the Lubbock community's support, he's asking people to do the same for other restaurants.

"I would also implore the residents of Lubbock to please shop local when you can, because that's what's really going to help these businesses. A lot of businesses without drive-thru's are struggling and that's the only way that we're going to survive," Bigham said.

He's hopeful this new location will open March 9th.