Timothy "Teejay" Bailey
LPD authorities say they are aware of the identity of the shooter in Tuesday night's deadly bar fight but have yet to make an arrest.
Meanwhile, friends of Timothy "Teejay" Bailey, the victim, are mourning his sudden death.
"Now, he's gone for what? Over nothing. A whole life is gone over nothing," friend Gabby Suniga said. 
"I was heartbroken. I couldn't believe it," friend Isaiah Ramos said.
Police say a fight involving Bailey and another group took place inside Chip's Sports Bar and Grill on 69th and Slide Tuesday night, just before midnight.
A graphic video circulating around social media shows the 28-year-old attempting to punch an unidentified man that shortly thereafter shoots him three times at close range.
Friends say it was unlike Teejay to be at that bar and to get into a fight in the first place.
"It takes a lot to get that man's blood boiling. And last night, I just think he was at the wrong place," Ramos said. 
"Because people can't put guns down and want to resort to violence. And for what? It never leads to anything," Suniga said. "He's the person who did not deserve this, out of all people. There's good people out in this world, but he was one of the really good ones."
Chips has denied a request for comment.
Friends say Bailey was a regular at Copper Caboose across town on 50th and Avenue Q.
He is remembered for his contagious positivity and a laugh that could light up a room.
"He's the man that you could be down, and he wasn't going to let you. He could go in a room and not know a soul and I could guarantee you he could have half that building laughing. It was anywhere he went he brought a smile, he brought a lot of joy," Ramos recalled.
"If he didn't have anything he would literally give the shirt off his back for you," friend Alicia Reyes said.
A fundraiser this weekend is planned at Copper Caboose to raise money for funeral costs.