South Plains Food Bank is faced with a new task

South Plains Food Bank is faced with a new task

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Food banks across the country are preparing for a potential influx of federal employees requiring help. The South Plains Food Bank is gearing up for the additional work. It usually serves 58,000 people across 20 counties a year, it recently announced that it would begin helping federal employees with food assistance.

"At this point I don't know what the future holds," said David Weaver, CEO of the South Plains Food Bank. "We are ready we've got geared up with our food boxes to make sure we have enough inventory ready to go."  

As the government shutdown continues the number of federal employees seeking assistance is expected to go up. Many of them are applying for the emergency SNAP program. Weaver said for now the South Plains Food Bank is managing, but if the government doesn't reopen by the end of February the food bank volunteers will have reasons to worry. 

"Then we will be rethinking our strategy a bit," said Weaver. "Nobody thought that we would be over a month into the year and be facing this situation."

As always, the food bank welcomes any monetary or food donation. It also needs volunteers. If you would like to help you can do so by clicking this link : South Plains Food Bank.  

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