Texas legislators propose multi-billion dollar budget for public

Texas legislators propose multi-billion dollar budget for public education, pay raises for teachers

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Texas House is proposing a $9 billion budget for public education, while the Senate is proposing $3.7 billion for teacher pay raises, in an effort to prioritize funding for public schools across the state. 

This means one of the items on the legislative table is a $5,000 pay raise for each Texas public school teacher.

"Being a teacher is of the noblest of professions, and we have stripped some of the nobility through the lack of economic resources that have been provided for them, so we hope that we can recapture some of that in the form of increased teacher salaries," Jeff Baum, Lubbock ISD Chief Financial Officer, said.

Clinton Gill, with the Texas State Teachers Association, said this funding could propel more students into teaching careers, as a result.

"This is a great opportunity to show that public education, becoming a public school teacher, is a bright choice. For so long now, we've faced teacher shortages and will continue to face those shortages because the pay is not up to what it would be in the private sector," Gill said.

Baum said this proposed investment in public education is much-needed relief not just for teachers, but the students as well.

"We rank 43rd nationally on per-pupil expenditure on education and that would definitely give us a chance to rise in those rankings and get dollars delivered to some areas that would really help children. As a whole, $9 billion being spent on the future of Texas is a very wise expenditure."

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