Moms Demand Action: Lubbock chapter emerging

Moms Demand Action: Lubbock chapter emerging

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The day of the Sandy Hook shooting, a Facebook page was created named, 'Moms Demand Action'. Since then, It has become one of the leading nonprofit organizations fighting for gun-sense laws. 

The emerging Lubbock chapter held it's first meeting of the year and it was not just moms who showed up. Teachers, professors, dads, and aunts all came out to discuss the purpose of the organization. 

Francesca Di Poppa is a Texas Tech professor and aunt. She said she wanted to get involved to continue the example victims of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting had set. 

"Frankly, It was the activism of these children who said we're going to have to do the job that you adults are not doing and that sort of was a wake up call," Di Poppa said. 

Di Poppa is Italian and after living in the U.S. has noticed the difference in gun cultures. 

"It breaks my heart that children in schools have to go through a shooter on campus drill, and they have to think, oh I'm going to school and one day there might be an armed shooter, and my life is going to be endangered," Di Poppa said. "My nephews and nieces in Italy, that's just not something that's in their mind." 

She said her family back in Italy owns guns and is supportive of the right to carry, but said America needs reform.

"I want it to be clear that people who own guns should not think a group like ours is intent on taking away our guns," Di Poppa said. 

Her hope is this group will continue to drive the debate. 

"I think we can all agree that if people have better education when it comes to guns, and if guns can not easily fall in the wrong hands, then I think we're better off," Di Poppa said. 

Moms Demand Action will meet the second Saturday of every month. For updates and information on how to join, click here

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