No end in sight to political division

No end in sight to political division

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Immediately after a gunman opened fire on a GOP baseball practice, the two parties united condemning the violence. 

The friendly rhetoric did not last long though.

The gap between political ideologies has been growing for some time now according to Seth McKee, a political science professor at Texas Tech. He said the divide can be traced back to those in Congress.

"I think the fear is that the political stakes are so high that a Republican thinks that if I'm soft, if I'm moderate, if I'm nice to the other party then I'm going to get in a primary and some hardcore member of my party is going to say I'm moderate and am not a representative of the electorate," McKee said. "By pushing this rhetoric that's divisive and trying to score points and not compromise, it's clearly filtering back to the electorate."

Lubbock County Republican Chair Steve Evans said he has a different idea about where this divide is coming from.

"It's people that just absolutely can't accept conservative ideals," Evans said. "They can't accept a conservative in the White House. They're calling for us to sponsor unity and we haven't changed. They have. They're not accepting this president, they're marching in the streets. You've got groups like Antifa popped up, the Democrats have just had continuous assaults on the Republicans. We haven't changed. When we lose we go home, form a new plan and come back out and live to fight another day."

Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair Stuart Williams said there is plenty of blame to go around though, and pointing the finger is not going to help fix the current situation.

"I don't think it does Chairman Evans any good to give blame to what's going on as we all have blame in what's going on," Williams said. "We have all overheated the environment too much."

"We've said that people are wrong because of who they are as people and that's not right. We cannot make it personal. Whatever you believe, you still respect that person as a person."

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